Monday, 15 March 2010

Week 15

The game industry has recently been in almost main stream news as of late. This is due to the heads of Infinity Ward (makers of COD modern warfare) realised that they wanted a bigger slice of the pie than what they were getting. And rightly so in my opinion as Infinity Ward are the guys who make the biggest selling game in history MW2. Basically Activision pulled a police state move and just fired the two guys responsible and said FU. But in America the land of dreams, you can put together a pretty tasty law suit.

I have been lucky enough to hear people’s views on the industry via guest lecturers on my Uni course. Both reiterated the amount of the time and patience needed in the industry. You are expected to be unemployed as much if not more than you are actually working throughout your career. Whilst living on peanuts and working ridiculous hours. Will this ever change? I don’t think so. Everyday there are more and more people learning the skills required to work in the industry. This will only lead to more work being done by freelancers working for less than Mr Salary.

I hope I’m wrong and as per usual have no idea what I’m talking about; otherwise I’ll go back to stripping.

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