Monday, 15 March 2010

Week 19

What the industry wants is a bunch of all round superb artists. If you have a ten people who can do fifty peoples work better and more efficiently, you can pay them more than those fifty people earn and still save money. With companies looking to maximise profit and cut expenses this surely makes perfect sense why they want all singing and dancing artists.

Is it achievable though? I think so, but not on the scale the industry wants. I think as we move into a more technology based society the arts with suffer as people spend more time starring at computer screens. Added to this the governments plans to cut funding to the arts and focus on English, maths and science will mean an increase in less talented artists coming through. On the other hand, you could have someone who is completely computer based learning artistic skills at a late point in time. I think that in the next few years some of the greatest artists the industry will ever see will make and appearance and then there will be a lull in standards there after (Not saying I’m going to be one of the best ever)

If the industry wants all round artists I think they should start investing some money at early education and save the arts before they are pushed out the curriculum completely.

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