Monday, 15 March 2010

Week 16

Game culture in the last 10 years has come to the fore front of society. I remember at primary school trying to explain mortal kombat to classmate who thought I was part of a silly Fad. Now 16 years on from that, he has an Xbox 360 and plays COD thinking he is MLG pro (major league gaming). Xbox live and PSN have defiantly made a major impact on modern society. I think most important is the effect it has had on the current generation of youngsters. The term internet warrior has been created thanks to the squeaky voiced ragamuffin calling you gay and insulting your mother via his headset via one of these online gaming systems.

I have experienced the same in real life which is worrying. I remember going to secondary school and giving the upmost respect to the people in years above me because they’d beat the crap out of you. And now that respect has been lost, not just in school but in every day occurrences with youths. This obviously can’t all be blamed on the gaming or media in general but it does add to the problem.

You can talk to people via the internet without seeing a 3d image of whom you are speaking to and I think people forget there is a real person behind the other side of the screen. Just my opinion, I don’t sit awake at night thinking what insult I’m going to get next time I log on, as I mute everyone 

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