Monday, 15 March 2010

Week 18

Computer games and films have become ever closer with technology in recent years. They have both learnt from each other. On the gaming side of things, one thing they have learnt is the use of music. Music is used to add drama and reinforce the atmosphere of the scene taking stage. Jesper kyd has worked on the Hitman and assassins creed series he explains well the difference between composing for games and films

“When writing music for films, you have to pay close attention to what happens on the screen 100% of the time and so it's difficult to fit lots of crazy ideas into a film score. For games I like to add lots of subconscious elements in order to further develop the game’s atmosphere. My job as a game composer is to immerse the player in the world and enhance the vision of the director and producers.”

Kyd is one of my favourite composers at the moment. I first gained respect for music in games when playing Street fighter 2 with was composed by Capcom’s house band Alph Lyla. The music is so good I can listen to it comfortably now, this is also true with the music of streets of rage II by Yuzo Koshiro (that I’ve mention in earlier blogs). I’m sure these games have sculpted my love for electronica and digital sounds. Good times by Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards is undoubtedly an important piece of music of the 20th century. It can be argued it single handedly saved funky house (disco) from extinction from the mainstream. I don’t think any music can be handed that title due to some great records being produced to name two; travelling without moving – Jamiroquai, Thriller- Michael Jackson.

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