Monday, 15 March 2010

Week 20

Creativity again….

Creativity can’t be defined in one sentence I’m certain of this. The only way even comprehend this human phoneme is to understand all thoughts and explanations for it. It can be summed up as a mental process involving the discovery of new ideas or concepts, relating to existing ideas or concepts conceived through either conscious or unconscious thought. This definition doesn’t explain everything though. It doesn’t just apply to the arts; it can be applied to everyday life. The way people deal with certain situations in life like a road block can be classed as creative.

Creativity can come through reflection of process and life experience. It’s the process in which we as race look to solve problems that affect us. The Neanderthals didn’t sit back whilst they froze and starved to death, they made tools and went hunting. Leonardo Da Vinci saw a problem with travel during his life time so thought how else he could travel so designed the submarine and helicopter. The difference between Da Vinci and the Sci fi writers in the 50’s is that Da Vinci’s ideas where obtainable at the time of there conception. Whereas Isaac Asimov’s ideas of Artificial intelligence are still not attainable to this date in the case of I Robot in particular. This takes nothing away from Asimov’s creativity; his ideas have opened up new pathways for new minds to find creative solutions to his ideas. My point being that creativity can’t be measure in its relativity. If Asimov’s ideas at the time are measured are in relativity on a scale of 1-10 they’d probably be measured 2 or 1. The idea of creating machines with unique traits was very low on people’s agenda at a time when the world was recovering for WWII and the cold war was warming up (poor joke I know). So what is the line between an idea being considered creative or just madness or stupidity?

My dad used to work for a model car company until I was 10 or so. I remember drawing ideas for cars and handing them to him when I was little and asking him to show his boss if he would make it or not… stupidity of a little boy yeah? Madness to show your boss the drawing? Or seeing it as a creative idea? A different take on a problem was seen as a creative idea and put into production.

So how will I show my creativity? I feel I can portray my thoughts and ideas through the mightiest weapon of them all, the pen. So I will continue to portray what is in my head in this manner and be judge purely on what has come before hand in the genre. If I draw something that resembles a chicken walker it won’t be considered creative but maybe my jet hovercraft will be? Yes it’s a combination of existing technology but the concept is new, less friction faster speeds and surface doesn’t matter? Creative? In the eyes of the viewer I think.

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