Sunday, 10 January 2010

Christmas break?

I think creativity can be shown in any form of day to day life and isn’t necessarily artistically or scientifically based. Creativity is defined as the creation on original ideas that have value. I don’t think creativity is hindered by technical constraints. Leonardo Da Vinci designed the hang glider during his lifetime 1452-1519. His drawings were not made into reality as no material light and strong enough existed at the time. But in recent years as we have discovered new materials people have constructed the hang glider and found that it does indeed work. The same applies for his submarine he designed.

Creativity in the computer game industry can be seen in all elements of a games construction. The initial idea for the game requires creativity. Making the ideas come to life on via drawing requires creativity. Creating something that represents the ideas on a computer program requires creativity. Anyway my point is in an industry that requires new ground breaking ideas to make money. It would seem silly to employ people who had no original ideas and no way of portraying them. If this was so this would have left the gaming world with pong to play for the next 5 billion years until the sun burns out.

Creativity in a game I feel is measured in the overall product. A game that has the same story but changes the artwork is still essentially the same game (Dynasty Warriors). You could argue that a game with new game mechanics redefines the game. So moving a game to Wii from Xbox 360 changes the game. However the underlying foundations remain the same and not making it an original idea. I may contradict myself now by saying that Assassins creed 2 is creative response to the first game but I’ll try and explain myself. As a sequel the game can’t share the same story as it would then be classed as a remake (Dynasty warriors). With the change in story comes a new character set in a different time to the original. The appearance of the character is new whilst keeping certain traits. Problems and actions missing from the original have been added to improve the gaming experience making for original ways to act in game. Sorry if it seems I’m working for Ubisoft promoting this game. I just wanted to show that creativity can come from previous ideas and be developed as a separate product.

I see myself as more of and artist at this moment in time as it is what I am most familiar with, I think I haven’t shown much of my creativity as such so far on the course. I’m trying to improve my skills so I can portray my ideas better in a style and manner I consider to be representational of my myself, otherwise I’m just going to be using someone else’s style and ideas that have already been used and won’t be wanted or that have no interest to the gaming world.

So yeah, creativity in a entry hopefully

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