Monday, 15 March 2010

Week 17

Game engines are something that before joining the course knew existed by didn’t know how or what they did specifically but where essential for games. Very much like alcohol for courtship. Game engines from my understanding are software programs that allow people to create computer game environments. They are different engines to work with different operating systems so the information isn’t corrupted or lost in transfer. Engines allow you to render objects and set in game physics along with sound and animation. Basically there are the foundations that allow games to work.

So a variety of game engines exist in the world for a few reasons. One reason is that some clever fella decided to make one and sell it to people to make games. The second reason is that people making the games thought the engines available where pants so made there own tailored to there needs for their titles. Modern game engines have the task of running a multi used map that can be affected by anyone in it (MMO’s). Thousands of finely tuned calculations are needed to run online games to the standard the public now expects.

Vague I know, but I just like drawings pretty pictures really. I’m learning all the time so maybe in 2 years time I’ll write something that is accurate.

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