Thursday, 7 April 2011

End of year review.

I think this year has gone faster than the first. The summer between the end of the first year and the start of the second seemed to last forever. The second year just seems to of flown by. The reason for this has just been the constant work flow. I’ve learnt so much and progressed in all areas as an artist (so I’ve been told, not just what I think). I see my visual design now as fun. I know I won’t be getting a job as a concept artist, so I’m just using the projects has little breaks in between 3D projects. I’ve also come to love these blogs. It’s a good place to vent as not many people read it and it’s only what I would say to anyone if they asked me about the subjects in the flesh. I will try to keep it going over summer by putting some of my finished work from the year and summer projects. I also think I might use it just to slate some poor public events or TV displays. The most important thing though is to keep posting and looking at ‘cool shit’. I’d also like to take this moment to thank Papa John’s. They have essentially fed me this year and giving me a nice big hug when I’ve needed one.

As I’ve stated somewhere before. I’m looking at doing a couple of the summer projects to stay loose. I’m going to take a crack at learning Zbrush over the summer as it will most definitely come in handy. I’ll have another stab at a character as well to utilise my Zbrush learnings. If it’s a failure you will not be seeing it on the blog end of. As to which projects I’m looking at. The F1 car and driver brief it top of my list as I want to get a decent car model done and the driver is the obvious choice to try redoing a character and using it as a Zbrush test. I don’t really want to do a car in my FMP as everyone seems to do them. I want my portfolio to show that I can do everything but I have lots of stuff in my locker and not wheel arch specialist or some shit like that. I’m playing with the idea of doing an airport terminal. Not sure if it’s a security risk me going and taking photos last thing I want to do is end up in one of the governments underground torture facilities. I would probably find myself being charged with everything and for some reason being probed, knowing my luck.

Next year is going to be the most important of my life. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life until I saw this course. I’ve got nothing to fall back on, I’m on the best course in the country and I’m not going to let this opportunity escape me. Obviously I can’t predict the future. I might get run down going into the labs next week which a bunch of Yum Yums in hand. If I’m not laying in road somewhere I will be working, or sleeping and possibly having a beer when I can. Overall I’m looking forward to the challenge of next year. All new projects are being lined up apparently so I hope to be a pioneer in them for years to come. I have to say I’m not looking forward to the introduction to mandatory 2D projects being assigned though. If I’m not happy with a 3D project and I have 2D to do… it will not be getting done. I will not be getting a job based on my 2D skills. I understand the introduction of this as there is a lack of 2D being produced in the 3rd year which is understandable as everyone is focusing on their FMP’s. However I do think it’s almost comparable to asking a taxi driver to tuck you into bed at the end of a night. He could do it as he has the capability but it’s ultimately using up his time and costing him money.

Ever open minded, I reserve judgement on how this is going to turn out. It might be fine and the 2D will be a welcome break from my FMP. Anyway really enjoyed this year so far, still have couple weeks left to go. Overall, feeling good about this year.


  1. Photography? Airport Terminals? Not a chance mate. What about a small private airstrip or something related, but not high security risk?

    Like a run down charter freight dog... I used to know a pilot at Air Atlantique who used to fly a 1944 vintage DC3 for his day job. I think AA have gone a bit modern now.

  2. I actually live about 15 minutes away from Sywell aerodrome back home. Small private air field that was used during World war 2 that was used for test flights on new aircraft. Think they also trained pilots there aswell.

    They have a museum extention opening in a couple weeks so i might go have a look around and see if i can make a project out of it.

  3. awesome pizza box collection - keep it up through year 3 and you could get extra grades!