Monday, 4 April 2011

The yearly or termly blog on creativity….

I don’t mind writing this blog every term as it will be interesting at the end of the course to see how my views on the subject have changed over time. I’ve been told to try and challenge my previous views on the subject explore others ideas. I can’t see this happening as I’m quite head strong when it comes to philosophical views, as I’m sure you will see throughout this entry.

So creativity, I’ve not changed my opinion that it is the title given to the skill of creating new and original ideas, and that also it can only be judged by others in ideas area of specialty. For example you don’t want art work to be marked by a government inspector who just ticks boxes…. Oh wait that’s what happens in school. It’s a well-known fact that Damien Hirst got a D in art A level at school and has gone on to be a very successful artist. I’m not going to say whether I liked his work, I just wanted to use this as an example that creativity can only be judge by those in the field that the idea applies too.

The tick box system that is implied in the British educational system is squashing the creative arts. Funding is being pulled by 100%, and courses such as our own are being forced to merge with the humanities department. Ironically we have been asked to do a project with the creative writing department who of which will only experience cuts that apply to their faculty. After meeting them and discussing their course and telling them what we could do I found myself thoroughly pissed off and this is why. The article/story they gave to us to work from was ¾ of a page of A4 no longer than this blog probably. We were told that they had 3 weeks to complete this task with no other side projects. On top of that we (game art students) found ourselves effectively re-writing their story so it actually described something. Whilst doing this we were in full swing of our group project and continuing with visual design work as well. With all the cuts currently being done by the government, why not cut the funding of the courses that encourage slow and poor practice rather than the top Game art course in the country?

Now to get this S.O.B back on track. Been asked out I show my creativity and how I expect it to be acknowledged by others. To be honest I don’t really care. All my good ideas I keep to myself as they are original. I don’t mean I’ve come up with a halo suit in a different colour and with a jet pack or muscle bound bellend to carry a chainsaw gun. I pride myself on that fact that I think differently too others as it is a mark of my creativity. I may not be the best at portraying my ideas in visual form, but I do have slight grasp on the English language that is more than enough to explain an idea. The idea of authorship has been in modern art for the last 50-60 years (where you get others to make your idea) and some of the most respected and iconic artists of recent times have emerged through this concept.

I would like to conclude that I’m not trying to blow my own horn, I will be judged by respected people in the industry and on this course on my work and not by government number monkey.

Off topic, if you’ve been sent here by some random webpage that says to check out this blog. I don’t know what the hell that is about, as all the other recommended blogs are no way related to game art nor are written by students… Almost as bad as YouTube’s recommended video system.

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