Saturday, 8 October 2011

Third year is a go

Welcome back to the wonderful world of me. I’m sure everyone has been screaming for my blog to return. I’m happy to announce I have heard your screams and will return to blog duty regularly.

My plan was to keep my blog running over the summer. Unfortunately my job as a lumberjack/ landscape gardener/ general handyman, left me more than exhausted when evening came about. I managed to do some modelling and keep my fingers nimble but found myself without much to rant about whilst living at home. Also in my summer I found myself attending a few funerals as I lost some family members and a good friend.

Life goes on though so here we go. Rooftop project and vehicle project are first up. For the Rooftop I want to do a roof with two levels. One will be for living purposes and will include assets such as a BBQ and a dining table. This floor will hopefully look like a private balcony for a top floor flat in the building. The second building will be for building maintenance and will have the generic air conditioning units along with TV and Satellite dishes. I really don’t want to have a water tower!
As for the vehicle project, I will be modelling a 1973 Datsun 240z. The reason I am doing this car is because my Dad owns a few and used to race the model in the Historic sports car championship. I grew up seeing these cars every day in the garage or at the race track. Also my parents used one as their wedding car just to top it all off. Reference won’t be a problem; all I have to do is go home. I just hope I can do it justice.

As well as the above projects I will be planning and researching my FMP. I won’t disclose the details of it in this blog as I am setting up an individual blog for it. If you’re special enough I’ll even invite you to take a look at that blog too.

Really looking forward to the year ahead that I’m sure will be full of challenges.

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