Sunday, 10 January 2010

week 10

Going to cut the poop and just jump into this discussion this week. I’ve never been a big reader, I tend to get bored or annoyed at the amount of effort I have to put in. For these reasons I find most of my character and story experiences have come from film and games. One of my favourite films (like many other people) is Forest Gump. I don’t share any of the experiences that the character has experienced in the story but I can relate to the humanity that faces him. The way he is treated by people in his younger years makes you very empathetic to his character. When Forest starts to have some results in life, you as the viewer can’t but feel pleased and relieved for the guy. So creating a successful character is about creating someone that people can have genuine emotions for. If no one cared for Forest Gump the story itself would fail.

The Story in Forest Gump In my opinion is a near perfect story. It is full of twists and turns with some great highs and lows for character and viewer alike. The story intertwines with iconic moments in the mid 20th century. As far fetched as it maybe that a single man could have been involved in so much in his life; the story is believable due to the age and manner of the character. As for games, I think the best story I have come across in a game is Mass Effect or Assassins Creed, both easily capable of being films or books in their own rights. I wouldn’t say I was into Science fiction but there is something about the events in these games that border closely on the lines of being possible. These stories appeal to our (humans) natural curiosity of our world and how we got here.
I don’t know how to articulate further my ideas on what makes a good character and story, all I know is that I know a good Film or game when I see it. Since starting this course I have found it comforting in finding others who can appreciate good Films and games.

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