Sunday, 10 January 2010

week 11

Hello, hello. This week I’ll be sharing my views on game play and what it is too me. I had feeling that I had already written something on this subject before but I could find anything to copy from so here I am (smiley face).

My thoughts are that game play is the choice and role the player has within the game. So, game play can almost be classed as the genre of the game in question. If the player is interacting with the game in a first person perspective, then the game is a first person game. If the player acting out a role in a story, then the game is a role playing game (RPG). Now I’m not saying I’m right and I’m most probably wrong. I’m going on the idea that if you can class a game as a genre you can probably assume, what sort of interactions between gamer and game are possible. For example if you where playing a first person shooter. You wouldn’t expect to perform action to replicate the art of clothes ironing? Same for solving puzzles and riddles in a Farm simulator?

Game play is something that is determined in the story of the game and role of the player. Interactions and game mechanics don’t make the game play, they merely set the boundaries at what is relevant to the genre…. I think.

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