Sunday, 6 December 2009

week 9

I haven’t really though about ergonomics in games console before now. I’ve always thought I was more concerned with graphics and game play. I’ve played on and Amstrad (not sure what series) so I have had the joy of experience the device that has kick started this mini revolution. The classic D-pad and A and B buttons of the NES and Mega Drive are classics and were the first step to making games easier to interact with. These controllers compared to a modern day consoles is like sending G.I’s into a peasant village. There is far more possibilities and combinations that can be deployed that intensifies game play and game content.

I remember seeing the Playstation for the first time and thinking “that’s the coolest looking thing ever.” Compared to PS3 slim it looks like it should be being chased by TIE fighter. In such as small period in time, consoles have changed almost unrecognizably compared to there early forefathers. I can see in the future computers being either accessible through thought alone and a race of Virtual Reality junkies being born. And personally I can’t wait to see that as it will hopefully get rid of the gaming pros that are the lil’ kids on Xbox live

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