Sunday, 6 December 2009

week 8

Story, is it needed? What ever game you play there is always an underlying point to actions you do in the game. In Mortal Kombat the story is to kill everyone else to save the mortal realm where Mass effect has rough storyline planned out that the player can vary on. An RPG with no story would be as entertaining as channel 5 programming. If the player is to play out a story or play out a role, a story is essential. An interesting game is the SIMS; there is not a story at all. The player can completely control their SIMS lives and build and destroy endless possibilities in the character’s surroundings. The SIMS still needs a slight story though, which is written by the player through their interaction.

I think in all games story is present, it is just more obvious in some more than others. I’ve come to this thought by thinking about my own life. I’ve always seen my life as the present and recently I’ve found myself reminiscing past years and realising how interesting my life is. There was no plan at the point of creation of these great events but the effects are evident. I conclude all games have a story. Some games are more obvious in what you should be doing when writing your story. Others appear to have no story but through interaction allow the user to produce their own.

Probably nonsense as always but its posted now.

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