Sunday, 15 November 2009

Another masterpiece

So what is Game Design? My understanding is that it’s the building blocks of a game. Game Design is where you manufacture the rules of engagement so to speak within a title.
This is where you choose what platform the game is FPS, RPG etc etc. And map out all the background information of the game before some makes it attractive for the public.

Things like Game play can be outlined in the design of the game too. Game play is basically the experiences during interaction between the player and the game. Games like Pac-man required you to avoid capture from the ghosts and eat all the circles on the level, with different mazes changing the experience for the gamer. Modern games have more tools in their Itinerary to change the game play. A modern game such as Operation flashpoint: dragon rising requires the gamer to do multiple things at once. The gamer must think tactically in real time whilst looking after the health of others. Whilst of course trying to aim and kill enemies. Most differently modern games can allow for multiple objectives on levels to be implemented in level.

Game Design has gotten so complex in modern games that a team is needed to create a game. Back in the 80’s Atari could leave one man to design the games levels. The increasing pressure on games designers to make games with more interaction and realism has led to increase numbers in design teams.

When I play I game, I look to escape from realism for the hour or so I have spare. I don’t play Sims as I have enough trouble looking after myself; plus they always end up depressed and burning the kitchen. I look to be entertained and have my emotions fiddled with a little bit as so to engross me for more. Then of course I want to win. I won’t play a game I can’t complete or be good at. Thankfully I’m a gaming god and take names like Eric Banner in Munich. I’m not the most astute with words but I can tell a good game when I see one. I’ve also played through a lot of crap, so I know good gravy when I see it.

Well here we find ourselves at the end of another week and another poor entry. See you this time next week.

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