Sunday, 11 October 2009

The history of video games.... kinda

The history of computer games is a relatively short period in human existence when placed against the light bulb or even the television. In 1952 a Cambridge University graduate called A.S Douglas. Who just finished his degree on the interaction between humans and computers, created the first graphical computer game. It was a basic version of tic tack toe that would revolutionize the world. The knowledge that computers could be used for fun as well as business has opened doorways that have led us into the modern era.

Being of a relatively young age, my first game experience was when I walked in on my brothers playing Streets of Rage 2 around 1993/4. The simple one button smash control system meant that when I was finally aloud a go (after running to mother), that I could play the game to a standard worthy of Co-op play with my older brothers. Still today this is one of my favourite games of all time. The plot wasn’t great and is fairly similar to all Jean Claude Van Damme films, but the button smashing and banging electro music of Yuzo Koshiro still brings a big grin to my face.

Since then I’ve dabbled in a lot of consoles. I’ve played on the Amstrad, that I still own. I’ve passed through the N64/Playstation battle. That I must admit I sided on the Playstation side. If I were to choose allegiances again I would side with the N64 for the playability, sheer humor of their games and possibly Super Smash bros as a lone reason.

These days were over when the Ps2 was released for me. I was already a Playstation man, so it was the logical upgrade and the right upgrade, up until the point the Xbox was released the next year. However at this point, mine and a lot of other teenage boy’s parents were still peeved about paying £200 for the Ps2 the Christmas before.

The current series of consoles is when I finally put some money in Mr. Gates’ pocket. After playing Call of duty 3 on Xbox live, (which is the best COD online to date) I realized that I was making a big mistake waiting and extra year and a half for the Ps3. So I bought one as soon as possible (so, it was given to me at Christmas). Up to this point I’m very happy with it and intrigued with how much more than can squeeze out of it before the next generation of console is rolled out.

This is only a brief description of my gaming life but throughout I’ve always looked forward to new advances in the industry. So far there hasn’t been a new system that has been worst than it predecessor, except for maybe the Sega Saturn and its horrible dual chip processor. This pattern of gaming success has ensured my long term commitment to the search for the ultimate gaming experience.

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